Introducing the
We're making care more
affordable for those
without dental insurance

The Smile Savings Plan™, a revolutionary new program from Broadway Dental. It's
not insurance. It's better than insurance, because there is only one annual fee.
NO monthly premiums, NO deductibles, and ALL your membership fees go toward
your dental health!¹ Plus, the healthier your teeth are, the less you pay!¹

Dental Insurance
Smile Savings Plan
  • Expensive monthly premiums
    and office co-pays
  • Maximum coverage can average
    $500 – $1500 per year³
  • Variable levels of
    coverage for treatment
  • Complex and confusing claim
    submission process and
    delayed reimbursement
  • Limited choice of dental providers
  • Inconvenient application process
  • Waiting period before
    benefits are issued
  • One low annual membership fee
  • 15% savings on preventative
    and restorative treatment
  • No yearly maximum savings limits
  • No nuisance claims to submit
  • Care from the area's most professional
    staff in a comfortable,
    state-of-the-art clinic
  • Quick and easy enrollment
  • No waiting period - use
    benefits immediately

¹ Excludes tooth brush, tooth paste, and rinses. Can not be combined with any other insurance plan
² Includes 2 adults and verified dependents under age 25
³ All employees inquire for more info


1 You pay your annual membership fee.

Individual - $39 Family - $79+ Business - $199+

2 Receive 15% off all qualifying dental services. (See Exclusions & Limitations)

Your membership fee has essentially paid for itself after your two annual checkups, even if you don't require dental repair services such as fillings.

3 Enjoy your healthy smile!

Covered Procedures
Don't go another day without
feeling great about your smile. It's
a new era in care… and a new
chance at great dental health.