Composite Restorations(white fillings)

Chipped, stained, or worn teeth are repaired by the application of a composite resin material bonded directly to each tooth’s surface. This low-expense procedure allows the dentist to restore or enhance your smile in a single visit.

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Porcelain Dental Restorations

Same-Day Smiles! At Broadway Dental we make it easy to restore your confidence with a great looking smile! Our CEREC technology can provide immediate enhancement after just one visit.

You don't have to live with those unsightly chips or discolorations anymore. CEREC quickly produces the highest quality porcelain restorations so you'll be able to let your smile shine.

Highest Quality Restoration with CEREC

Our CEREC technology enables a simple and painless process, designed to provide results after a single visit. CEREC will take an optical impression of your mouth, then create a restoration to match the position and color with your current teeth. There are many reasons why CEREC is our trusted restoration technology:

  • Metal-free materials - CEREC uses materials that are closest to your natural enamel, giving you the highest quality restorative care.
  • Trusted method - CEREC technology has been in use since 1987.
  • Quick and painless procedure - One visit is all it takes to enhance your smile!
  • Beautiful results - A high-quality restoration that matches your tooth color and increases your confidence.
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A thin layer of porcelain can be applied to the front of a tooth after removing a minimal amount of enamel to dramatically improve its position, size, color, and shape. Created in a dental laboratory, these restorations can provide you with a permanent aesthetic solution in just two clinical procedures.

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Zoom! Take Home Teeth Whitening

Whiten your way, on your time

Philips Zoom DayWhite and NiteWhite give you superior whitening results by utilizing high-potency gels with custom-molded trays, specially made to fit your teeth. Philips Zoom DayWhite and NiteWhite kits offer five different options to meet your needs. Sensitive teeth? Check. Dramatic results fast? We’ve got it covered. With Philips Zoom, your dental professional will recommend the right whitening formula strength for you to take home. You will be matched with the treatment that fits your lifestyle to achieve your best results.

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Zoom! Take Home Teeth Whitening

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