Ouderkirk-Bock Becomes Partner at Broadway Dental


DENISON, Iowa - After three years of working closely with the patients and staff at Broadway Dental, Dr. Kristi Ouderkirk-Bock is pleased to announce that she has become a full partner with Broadway Dental, joining Dr. Doug Soseman and Dr. Ryan Bygness.

"My husband and I both grew up in this area, and when we decided to move back here to raise our family, I was thrilled to learn that Broadway Dental was looking for a dentist to join the practice," Ouderkirk-Bock said. "I had heard so many great things about the doctors and the staff, but it was after meeting them I knew this was where I wanted to be. And, after spending just a little bit of time here, my entire family felt at home."

Dr. Soseman said that having Dr. Ouderkirk-Bock as a partner is a benefit to the staff and the communities they serve. "With Dr. Ouderkirk-Bock, we have been able to expand on what we are able to offer our patients," he added. "It is through her expertise, dedication and caring personality that we are able to open our doors to new families."

Dr. Bygness highlighted how seamlessly Dr. Ouderkirk-Bock has fit into their practice. "We knew she had the outstanding qualifications we were looking for," he said, "and after meeting and working with her, it became clear that she had a vision, a passion and a personality that were the perfect fit for our team and for our patients. Having her as a partner gives us the ability to adapt and grow and to meet all of our patients' needs."

Dr. Ouderkirk-Bock's partnership became effective in October. She currently practices general dentistry for all ages and has recently added ClearCorrect alignment to her list of services. She attended Des Moines Area Community College (DMACC) and Iowa State University for her undergraduate degree and received her doctorate from the University of Iowa College of Dentistry. She and her husband, Jason, have three children: Alexis; Avery; and Easton.

"Being a dentist has really been wonderful, Ouderkirk-Bock said. "It has given me the ability to balance my work and family life. I am extremely happy to be doing this, but mostly I am happy to be doing it in Denison and to be so accepted by the entire community. It is the people that make this community great, and not one day goes by that a smile is not brought to my face by the patients and the Broadway Dental family."

Broadway Dental has offices in Denison and Woodbine with four experienced doctors on staff. Contact them today and arrange an appointment with Dr. Soseman, Dr. Bygness, Dr. Ouderkirk-Bock or Dr. Martens. For more information, call Broadway Dental's Denison office at 712.263.5615, the Woodbine office at 712.547.3188 or log on to their website at www.broadwaydental.org.