Broadway Dental Celebrates Dr. Bock's One Year Anniversary

Clinic now has greater capacity for same-day porcelain restorations


DENISON, IA – This month, two new Broadway Dental team members received certifications to provide the high-tech service of same-day porcelain tooth restorations. Dr. Kristi Bock and her assistant Megan Duke are now using the CEREC system to restore chips, defective fillings and discolorations, often in a single visit. The training took place over two days in Minneapolis. Drs. Bygness and Soseman, as well as four other dental assistants, have already been CEREC certified for several years.

Broadway Dental is one of the only clinics in western Iowa to have the CEREC system, which uses computer imaging to map out the ailing tooth and then creates the restoration right in the Broadway Dental office.

"It's exciting that we have this level of technology right here in Denison," said Dr. Bock, "It's normally something you'd have to travel to the city to find." Bock also points out that the time savings for patients is a great convenience when there's no need to come back for a second appointment. "Everyone is extremely busy these days, so it's important that we maximize the time we have with our patients."