Broadway Dental Now Offering Clear Correct Alignment


DENISON, Iowa - Orthodontic services at Broadway Dental are expanding. In addition to the more traditional procedures performed by Dr. Ryan Bygness, Dr. Kristi Ouderkirk-Bock has announced she is now offering clear, customizable smile alignment with ClearCorrect invisible braces.

"Traditional braces are not a one-size-fits-all solution for our patients," Ouderkirk-Bock said. "We want to be able to offer choices in the latest orthodontic appliances available. ClearCorrect is that choice for those wanting a nearly invisible way to conveniently and relatively quickly adjust their bite and smile."

The process is simple, according to Ouderkirk-Bock. She will conduct an initial evaluation to determine the best method of correction for the individual, then will take impressions, photos and possibly x-rays to forward to ClearCorrect.

Computer precision is used throughout the process of creating the ClearCorrect aligners. First, a 3D model is made of the patient's mouth and then another model is crafted representing how their teeth will look at the conclusion of the treatment period. From that point, the company implements a process that maps out each alignment phase and creates the trays for them.

"Over the past 10 years, we have seen a paradigm shift to earlier and earlier interventions," Bygness explained. "We have patients who are as young as seven, eight and nine years old. We are stepping in and doing more when we see the problem begin; and that treatment may be all they need for the rest of their life. If we wait, we run the risk of more damage being done over time."

A smooth transition into ClearCorrect aligners is accomplished through a training device. Patients are provided with a "Phase Zero" passive aligner to get accustomed to wearing their orthodontic appliance, and once they are comfortable, the Phase One aligners will be delivered. All of these trays are removable for eating and daily tooth care, and worn the remainder of the time.

ClearCorrect stays int he picture even after the aligners are created. "Superior customer service is one of the reasons we selected ClearCorrect as our partner," Ouderkirk-Bock added. "They are there for the doctors and the patients every step of the way, and they have put comfort and convenience for all of us at the forefront of the process."

After Broadway Dental's introduction of orthodontic services and Dr. Ouderkirk-Bock's success with ClearCorrect, Dr. Bygness began training to add ClearCorrect to his menu of services. "We have been pleased with our transition into orthodontics and the number of patients requesting more information on the procedures we offer," Bygness said. "With one of the smoothest finishes in the industry and less clouding than other brands on the market, ClearCorrect gives our patients exactly what they are looking for with the quality and support we ask of our industry partners."

For more information on ClearCorrect, log on to or contact Dr. Kristi Ouderkirk-Bock or Dr. Ryan Bygness at 712.263.5615.