Broadway Dental's Prices Are Below Regional Average


DENISON, IA — Broadway Dental is promoting cost comparison information that reveals the pricing of their services falls below the regional average. Citing a confidential third-party fee survey that Broadway Dental had conducted in the fall of 2010, the prominent western Iowa clinic says they are priced lower than or equal to the average clinic in the rural Midwest. Broadway also says they haven't raised their prices in two years, despite their recent, extensive remodeling.

The survey compared fees at numerous dental practices in the rural Midwest region with fees at Broadway Dental. Of 54 common services listed in the report, Broadway Dental's fees were less than the average cost for 35 services. Five services came in exactly at the regional average, and 14 services were slightly higher in price than the average. On some of the more complicated services, such as a denture procedure, Broadway's price is hundreds of dollars less than the regional average.

Broadway Dental recently held a grand reopening event to officially open its remodeled facility that offers some of the latest equipment and technology available in dental care. "We understand why people may perceive our pricing to be higher because we are able to offer cutting-edge services in these new surroundings," Dr. Ryan Bygness said. "We encourage those people to take a closer look and see how our costs compare to other first-class providers in the region."

Bygness says one focus of the new facility is offering a patient experience to the region that is typically only found in larger metro regions. "We hope that people see the value in having this level of care close to home," said Dr. Bygness.